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hyde park north coast


A place up North is all you need!

We’ve got the views, the mood, and the sea…


• A gated community with prime location in KM 210 in Ras El Hekma
• Spread across 240 feddans
• Borg Al Arab Airport: 188km
• Al Alamein Road: 120km
• New Al Alamein Road: 91km
• Marsa Matruh Airport: 82km
• Al Alamein Airport: 68km
• El Dabaa Road: 52km
• Fouka exit: 4km

HPN PRES-05.jpg


Park and green spine across entire master plan
• Pedestrian spine across entire master plan
• Pedestrian-friendly pathways connecting to the beach
• 90 % of homes offer a sea view
• 25 to 30 beach entry swimming pools
• 550 m long beachfront
• Pristine open sea and bay mix
• Project depth from the beach 1.8 km
• The project has 3 entrances
• Master plan: EDSA - Florida, USA
• Architectural designer: SB Architects Florida

HPN PRES-01.jpg
Hyde Park North Form


Beach Amenities:
• Beach Cabanas
• Beach Club House
• Beach restaurant
• Beach promenade
Convenient Facilities:
• Staff rooms rental building
• Mosque
• Commercial strip on the main road
• Pool with casual dining in the middle of the project

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Hekayetna Helwa (Feat. Amr Diab) إعلان هايد بارك رمضان ٢٠٢٤ - حكايتنا حلوة - عمرو دياب”
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